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Cacao meditation and News (March 2019)

Imbolc, the ancient Celtic festival that signal the beginning of Spring, came and went, always surprising, always faithful, bringing us the certainty of the cycles in Mother Nature, on our planet. There is no better introduction to February than the promise that life is sprouting even if it cannot be seen yet. We are leaving behind the dark months of reflection and our bodies and souls are ready to speak out loud.

How has it been for you? Winter is a cleansing season, a time for reflection. I found myself decluttering beyond expectations, letting go of some things, some people and some behaviours that did not serve me any longer. And at the same time re-connecting dearly with my crystals and the importance of grounding. Getting ready for the dance of life.

A new cacao bar came through during the winter with lemon and lavender essential oils and the decadence of sour cherries. Our new 'I feel safe -feet chakra bar' is a big hug from the Universe. It's safe to walk around in that wonderful body of yours, remember.

We will be also celebrating life during our next Cacao Meditation, on 23rd March,- just after the equinox. Let me know if you are joining me – it would be so good to see you.

It's always a pleasure to catch up with you.

I love me whole, I love you whole
Balancing divine masculine & divine feminine energies within

Come and join me for this very special evening.

We bring to the circle one question and will work from there towards the sacred truth in our hearts. We come together to celebrate the communion of feminine and masculine energies within each of us, how to re-balance them and channel them as our creative force.

We will be using our Andromeda Alchemy chocolate during the meditation.

Don't know what to expect? Please, remember that this is not a traditional cacao ceremony, but a cacao meditation. Contact me for details

When 3.30 pm, Saturday 23rd March 2019
Where: Buddha on a Bicycle, 27 Endell St, Covent Garden, London WC2H 9BA
Exchange £40
Click here to get your tickets
Booking essential

Wishing you a healing day,


Let's celebrate!

With a thousand women in every woman, we have lots to celebrate on March 8th - International Women's Day.

Make your way to our online shop, buy 7 bars (a chakra bundle or an Alchemy bundle) and we will send your bars in a pretty eco friendly gift box ab-so- lu-te-ly free, so you can honour the women in your life, including yourself in a big way.
Go to our website and treat yourself and the feminine energy in you.
* Offer valid till midnight March 5nd 2019)


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Cacao Meditations (October 9th 2018)

Balancing your chakras with Andromeda Alchemy: a cacao meditation

Cacao has been used as a plant medicine for centuries. Unroasted cacao beans are packed with antioxidants, minerals, vitamins, and mood enhancing chemicals that can be very healing.From Mesoamerica to the present day, people have been celebrating life and coming together in sacred cacao ceremonies.

As high levels of stress and anxiety become part of our everyday life, we look for different ways to feel better, have fun and find balance.

I invite you to join me in a cacao meditation to help clear and balance your lower chakras.

We will be working on aspects of grounding, creativity and confidence.

We will create and hold a sacred space where you can get in touch with the energy centres of your body.

We will enjoy Andromeda Alchemy chocolate and guided meditations during the day.

No experience is required, but an understanding of the chakra system is desirable

When: Saturday 10th November 2018 from 3.30pm -6.30 pm

Where: Buddha in a bicycle, 27 Endell Street, Covent Garden, London WC2H 9BA

Exchange : £45 - £40 early bird available till midnight 21stOctober

Spaces are limited. Get your tickets here or directly with me .

Looking forward to sharing this unique experience with you

Blog. earthstar

Grounding, anyone? (March 26th 2018)

The intensity of these times is becoming increasingly unavoidable for most of us. For you too, sensitive being that have been guided to read this.
Our bodies are 70% water, how not feel the effect of the tides and the cycles of the moon? How not feel the solar activity that is flooding with sacred energies our Earth? We are all being challenged to hold as much Light as possible, which sometimes can be very ungrounding.
For a while I have been working with grounding frequencies of a different nature that those that come through when making the I AM bars or the GAIA bars.
After a good few months getting surprising feedback from the lovely people who tried this new creation, and after confirming guidance, we have added the EARTH STAR chakra bar to our range. The EARTH STAR chakra bar is made with 100% cacao solids and white mulberries. Nothing else. All the ingredients are organic and fair traded.
So where is the Earth Star chakra? The Earth Star is about 12-20 inches from our feet chakra into the ground. It connects us to the planet, anchors us into Mother Earth and as the roots of a tree in a forest, it connects us to the magnetic core of the Earth and other people’s Earth Star chakras. We are one, remember?
You can find it here our EARTH STAR chakra bar

London Fields Sunday Market (1st February 2018)

This is where I sell my magic chocolate on Sundays, at the London Fields Sunday Market!
You can get hold of all the lovely goodies we sell and try my new special editions before they go on the website.
I also offer free tune ins, so if you aren't sure which bar will be best for you - or your loved ones, I can tap into your energy fields and see what the angels have to say about it.
Let's celebrate this Sunday. Come and say 'hello'!

New year, new packaging (23r January 2018)

If you know me, you already know that it doesn't take much to get me excited. BUT these are VERY EXCITING NEWS.
We are moving to compostable packaging.
So far we have been using degradable plastic bags and recycled parchment paper by the lovely people at 'If you care'.
From now on we are introducing also bioplastic bags that are compostable.
And we are starting with our EARTH STAR chakra bar.
Oh, they are so pretty and so earth friendly! So now, after you enjoy your high vibrational guilt free vegan chocolate, please remove the sticker and put it in your compost bag. ♥️
This is our first step. We'll let you know when all the magic has extended to all our bars. Which will be very soon.

Gaia I workshop, 27th January 2018 (29th November 2017)

If you like the frequencies of our chocolate, you might be interested in attending my next GAIA I workshop on 27th January 2018.
In this workshops I teach how to connect and channel the Earth element of the Eternal Light system, called GAIA, and use this very high vibrational frequency for self-healing, and to use on friends, family and pets.
On the day you will

  • learn how to scan the chakras and Light body,
  • enjoy guided meditations,
  • practice using these beautiful energies.
  • Learn self- healing techniques
    The workshop will be happening in London.
    You can find more information

    For more information please contact me.

  • Blog. autumn

    Opening to the Light within( November 13th 2017)

    And finally, I can no longer pretend that tomorrow might be warmer (and for me ‘warmer’ means 30 degrees!) or that sunbathing is a possibility. It’s Autumn. The trees in the park don’t lie. The days are becoming shorter and colder, preparing us for the winter solstice at the end of next month.
    Every year my heart finds a similar resistance to acknowledge the end of the summer and the beginning of darker months. I know, Autumn is an invitation ‘to shed our leaves’ too. A time of self-examination, of introspection. A time to let go.
    I have lived for over 20 years in my beloved London, but I was born in a land where the average of sunny days is 344 days per year. My body craves light. Maybe that’s why channelling Eternal Light ® healing feels like home. And that Light is present in all that Andromeda Alchemy is.
    I have recently added to the website some new creations:

  • the Spirit of Magic bar, attuned to the Fairy Kingdom, made with a fabulous organic jasmine essential oil,
  • My very new Soul Star Chakra bar, with sweet orange and lavender oils and 79% cacao solids.
  • Not to forget the very popular Raw oil Mix for skin and hair care, if you, like me, want to smell of chocolate all day long.
    Available to order now along with our Chakra balancing range, the Divine Feminine and Divine Masculine bars to celebrate your sacredness and that of your loved ones.

    And while the light in the outside world dims, following the cycle of the seasons, lets focus on our own Light. The Light that we carry in our hearts. Let’s brighten up every cell in our bodies and know that all is well. Let’s open to the light within.

    ***Last day for Christmas orders is December 15th***

    Join me for a day full of Light on 27th January 2018 for a Gaia I Workshop.

  • Blog. dmdf

    I love me whole, I love you whole Divine Masculine and Divine Feminine bars ( February 2nd 2017)

    We, lovely humans, have been blessed with both masculine and feminine energies within our bodies. Our brain is designed to process masculine tasks with our left hemisphere and feminine ones with the right hemisphere. This means that men and women are both feminine and masculine to a certain degree.

    The magic exists in the balance of both energies. Feminine energy is gentleness, creativity, water, yin. Masculine energy is action, focus, fire, yang.

    At a time when I found this balance challenging, my guides came through with their infinite love and support and suggested two new chocolate bars. Each of them have been attuned to a mandala of 7 beautiful crystals traditionally used to balance these energies and with 'divine' essential oils.

    So now, you can nourish the divine feminine in you with a mix of cacao, lavender and rose essential oils. And bring into life your divine masculine with a bite of our delicious mix of cacao, fir, sandalwood and cedar wood essential oils.

    In these magic times, from the fires of Imbolc, I love me whole, I love you whole.

    Get your Divine Feminine bar or your Divine Masculine bar!

    If you need support with mother / father issues and are in London, contact me please .

    Blog. gaiafb5

    GAIA ( November 9th 2016)

    And so, here we are,
    in this abundant planet of immense
    beauty and balance,
    where life runs in cycles
    that mirror the cycles of our bodies,
    our days, our lunar months :
    the cycles of life.
    And so, here we are,
    in the time of resurrection,
    the time of rebirth.
    The whole Universe is conspiring
    to help us find our centre, our heart.
    In this time of changes, we become our Divine Mother,
    we breathe her waters and her forests and her soil.

    Work on yourselves, beloved ones,
    Let's lift the frequencies of the Earth with our Love.


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