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Raw chocolates attuned to healing energies and crystals


A warm welcome to our very especial raw chocolate world where wonderful unroasted cacao is attuned to healing energies and crystal frequencies.

My name is Maria del Mar Fernandez de la Calle. I work with my spiritual guides and star brothers and sisters to attune Peruvian cacao (Theobroma cacao L, creole variety) to healing energies and crystals to gently support you.
With the help of my spiritual guides, I have channelled different bars for you, to nourish your body with deliciously healthy, handmade, raw, vegan chocolate and at the same time, gently look after your energy field, helping you balancing your chakras and your emotional body.
The chakra balancing range, comprises 7 bars individually attuned to a mandala of crystals used traditionally to support each chakra. They all carry organic essential oils.
Our newest addition are the Divine Feminine bar, the Divine Masculine bar, the Spirit of Magic and our absolutely decadent 100% cacao solids bar attuned to the Earth star chakra
We also offer two different energy healing chocolate bars for all the family. One attuned to Gaia frequencies and another attuned to the Angels of Joy with different physical ingredients.
And honouring how all this started, only available to order through our contact form, you can treat yourself to bespoke chocolates, made only for you after an individual tune in.

Join us Saturday 17th October at 16.00 for a free online Cacao meditation: Balancing the SACRAL chakra Register here

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Lovely words from a lovely customer: I met you at The Kempton Mind Body & Spirit Exhibition I was not able to buy your chocolate as I had just had surgery for breast Cancer. Instead I purchased your raw oil mix which I used on my wounds from surgery. I wanted to let you know how wonderfully soothing your oil mix has been. I am very pleased to say that even after radiotherapy treatment my skin didn't break down and truly believe your raw oil helped in my skin's healing process' P.


These are the ingredients we have been guided to use. They are pesticide free or certified organic and fair traded when available.

  • Unroasted cacao butter
  • Unroasted cacao powder
  • Coconut sugar
  • Unroasted Mediterranean carob
  • Maca
  • Lucuma
  • Vanilla
  • Kelp
  • Freeze dried wild blueberry powder
  • Dried white mulberries
  • Sour cherries
  • Food grade organic essential oils
  • Untreated sea salt

    And only this!


    It was a day in 2007, around midday, when the parcel arrived. All seemed in order: a copy of Detox your world by Shazzie and a small bag of cacao nibs. I opened the bag out of curiosity and tried one… hmm a bit bitter, how would it taste with a goji berry or rolled in a slice of sun dried banana or with a cashew nut, what about if I added them all to my raw breakfast… the possibilities were suddenly limitless… wow, raw cacao… I couldn’t believe it!
    A few weeks after that discovery, my children were diagnosed with a dairy intolerance. As I adjusted their diet, and after the odd complain about the loss of pizza, the real challenge was to replace chocolate. So I did some research on the internet and found a basic recipe for raw chocolate. We tried it immediately. We were blown away by the result. There was such a thing as delicious and healthy dairy free, sugar free, gluten free chocolate. Life could not get better… or maybe it could, in a very unexpected way.
    I had started studies with the Academy of Eternal Light ® a year before. By that time, I was already used to feel healing energies coming through my hands when they were needed. For any reason beyond my understanding, this seemed to happen every time I got ready to make a new batch of chocolate… Suddenly, raw chocolate making, became a sacred experience, a kind of meditation where I would just follow my intuition/guidance and would attune ‘the food of the Gods’ to healing energies for the highest good of whoever ate them. Very soon, crystal energies became part of the process. Also, to my surprise, during a healing session in my practice, a chocolate recipe ‘came through’ with a mandala of crystals to be integrated in it, which was meant to be beneficial to the person I was working on… Are we talking about healing chocolates? The answer was yes.
    It has been a long journey since that bag of cacao nibs arrived to me, but the time is right now. Andromeda Alchemy, handmade, raw, vegan, chocolates attuned to energy healing is a reality. Our chocolates are handmade with organic ingredients of the highest quality to honour the healing energies they carry. We make them in small batches and work with spiritual energies to channel high frequencies into them.

    We are here to be of service.

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    ***We are proud to say that our premises are powered by Ecotricity***

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    Handmade raw vegan chocolate - Chakra balancing through energy healing food

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